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Recently, our client inVentiv Health merged with INC Research to form a 22,000 person global organization called Syneos Health.

BouchezPage was an integral part of all messaging and communications surrounding the merger, both internally and externally.

While almost every aspect of the new company was created anew, from the C-suite structure to the name, all involved in this mega-deal believed that the communications strategy created by BouchezPage for inVentiv Health was too powerful to leave behind.

Shortening the distance from lab to life continues as the strategic platform, tag line and rallying cry for Syneos Health and a new campaign based on that strategy was just launched internationally.

See the inVentiv Health Case Study

When it comes to marketing, drug companies, consulting firms, research organizations and outsource partners like inVentiv all say basically the same thing: We help save lives. A worthy sentiment, to be sure, but more of a consumer-focused promise in a business-to-business environment.


Business is focused on success. Getting the job done right and well no matter the hindrances and obstacles. For their clients, we suggested that inVentiv Health was McKinsey meets FedEx. Smart business people who will do whatever it takes to cross the finish line.


This insight led us to a simple strategy: Shortening the distance from lab to life. In other words, while everyone else is helping to save lives, inVentiv Health is helping your business succeed. Faster.