30 years in advertising teaches you things you can’t learn otherwise
and each of the partners who run BouchezPage have spent that much time working with brands like BMW, Nike, Mastercard, Burger King, Harley-Davidson, Porsche, Bank of America, Milk, Four Seasons Hotels, Aetna and many more. That experience means we find better solutions faster and know how to create messaging that sells products.

Brent Bouchez

David Page

Jan Boyle

Brent started his career at Chiat/Day in Los Angeles as a copywriter on accounts like Porsche, Nike and Yamaha. From there, he moved to Ketchum to launch the Acura automobile division for Honda. He moved east to Ammirati & Puris and the BMW account. There he added Compaq, Mastercard, Burger King, and Epson. Other accounts include Bank of America, Chevrolet, The New York Times, Verizon and Ford. As a writer and creative director, Brent was one of the first US creative people to work with the British account planning concept that Jay Chiat brought to America. Over the years, he has become a bit of a hybrid between writer and strategic planner. While he still writes campaigns, his main focus today is helping brands find their strategic true north.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, David has found that his Midwest sensibility serves him well in creating marketing communications that spring from what he refers to as “the meat cleaver of truth." His work for Harley-Davidson, Sega, The NBA, Isuzu and many others reflects the directness and honesty of that statement. Perhaps the classic example of this thinking is David’s incredibly famous and incredibly simple print ad for Harley-Davidson…a photograph of a male bicep with the Harley-Davidson eagle logo tattooed large across it. The headline: “When was the last time you felt this strongly about anything?” David has spent his career marketing brands like Specialized, Compaq, Ford, Absolut, Kodak, Coke, Seagrams, and many more.

Advertising has always been a business of two disciplines joining forces. Art and commerce. No successful campaign ever came to life without someone involved who understood the client's business like it was their own. In the case of BouchezPage that person is Jan Boyle. A strategic leader who has developed some of the very best marketing on the planet. Leading blue chip teams on blue chip brands: BMW (The Ultimate Driving Machine), GMC Trucks (Professional Grade), Aetna (A Policy to Do More), Mercedes-Benz (Engineered Like No Other Car in the World), Burger King, RCA and Volkswagen. Jan has also spent time on the media side of the business. She was Global Managing Partner at Universal McCann, helping to grow revenues by billions of dollars in just two years and earning the agency Media Agency of the Year.

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