The ultimate goal of the ultimate driving machine? A better driver.


After successfully launching Acura Automobiles in America (0 to 150,000 units annually in 4 years), Brent Bouchez was recruited to lead the BMW brand team at Ammirati & Puris. Since the Japanese competition was doing their best to copy BMW, the German marque needed to raise the bar. For the potential buyer of a luxury car, the only thing better than buying the brand that made better suspensions or better engines or better seats, was buying the brand that made a better "me". So we showed the world just how BMWs can actually make you (a real person in a real driving school) a better, safer driver.

Burger King

This is the campaign that actually put Burger King sales ahead of McDonald's. At a time when the QSR world had sold its soul to the devil that is the "value meal", we had the temerity to ask a simple question... is it really a value if it doesn’t taste great? Burger King and its franchisees trusted their most important customers, "burger lovers," to come to the right answer. And they did. By the millions.


When Bouchez and Page took on the Mastercard account at Ammirati & Puris, credit cards were seen as enabling debt and financial ruin for millions of innocent consumers. Our answer? Change the conversation. Pit credit cards against cash, the financial instrument that has no record, no receipt, no purchase protection and is not replaceable when stolen. Mastercard gives you a statement at the end of the month telling you exactly where every penny went. And if something you buy gets stolen or broken, a Mastercard can get it replaced. What could be more responsible?