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When Pfizer came to BouchezPage, the Centrum Silver brand team had been through years of attempts at changing the brand’s image from “that’’s for old people” to “that’s for me”...but nothing seemed to stop the sales decline. While the team had stacks of research and focus group tapes, we went back to the consumers one more time, but asked different questions. The most important of which was “What age do you want to live to?” In the answers, was a key learning: a large cross section of respondents who were in their 50‘s and 60‘s said they wanted to live to be 100. This meant they were just beginning their journey into aging. The second question was equally important: “What has been the best time in your life?" Overwhelmingly the answer was now. Why? Because they are smarter and more experienced. They know who they are and what they want and they are not going to let poor health get between them and their goals.

"At Centrum we know that the key to success in this stage of life is staying healthy, and that’s where we can help. Centrum Silver. Your partner in aging well."