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Insight: Sometimes a famous name can get in the way.

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For medical students, physicians, researchers and foundations, Baylor College of Medicine is held in the highest esteem as one of the finest medical institutions in the world. Unfortunately, the residents of Houston, Texas, who make up 98% of the patients at the Texas Medical Center, didn’t feel the same reverence. After years of marketing to the contrary, our research showed that potential patients still heard the word “college” and said a Texas-sized “no thanks”. What they didn’t understand was that a teaching hospital is actually the place with the most educated, talented and advanced doctors can be found...and Baylor doctors are the cream of that crop.
Our strategy was two-fold:
1. Change the name from Baylor College of Medicine to Baylor Medicine.
2. Communicate a simple fact...when you know what it takes to be a Baylor doctor, you’ll choose to see a Baylor doctor.

Bouchez Page
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